Get Your Own Web Site or Have Your's Updated

Take Control of your Web Site!

You've got a great looking site, but it's out of date and you can't reach your web guy? Get a site you can update yourself!

How will this work?

Our sites are built with Drupal, a web application for maintaining your site. With a Drupal site from Baldwin Web Works, you can manage your web site yourself.

  • Sell products with eCommerce
  • Update your own calendar
  • Post new stories about your company
  • Have your own blog
  • Delete out of date information
  • Fix mistakes
  • Much, much more...

Personal attention

Baldwin Web Works works with you to understand both your business and the message you want to convey to your site's visitors. Every site has a mission, and your site will be customized to your own needs. Drupal provides for custom content types, so it can adapt to you rather than vice versa.

What about your current site?

If you like the way your site looks, we can transition the underlying structure to Drupal, while leaving your current look and feel in place. You don't need to junk the beautiful site you've got. You just need to modernize the underpinnings.

What is Drupal?

Drupal is an enterprise level content management system. The software itself is free, all you pay for is the installation and customizing it for your site. Drupal is used by many large scale sites including the White House and The Economist. For more information about Drupal, visit their site.

What About Future Growth?

Drupal is used for some of the largest web sites on the web, such as The Economist and the White House. To get an idea of what's possible, visit this page and get an idea of what Drupal can do. By using Drupal for your web site, you are laying the groundwork for future growth.