Site design

Templates vs Custom Design

In the world of Drupal, how your website looks is determined by its "Theme". There are many premade themes available for Drupal, and some of them are not only attractive, but can be easily customized with your choice of colors, logo, fonts, & layout. Using a premade theme is a cost effective way of putting up a professional looking website quickly.

You can also have a graphic designer create a custom theme for you. This is much more time consuming & expensive, but allows you to make your website look exactly the way you want it to. We can reconmmend a good designer that's familiar with the particular issues that web design presents. Together we can create your dream site.

An important issue to take into consideration is how your website looks when viewed using a smart phone. More and more websites are viewed on phones these days, and many traditional sites don't work that well when viewed on a smart phone. Our recommended themes are all mobile friendly, and work well on phones and tablets.