Websites for Artists

My wife & I love to go to art shows (despite swearing in advance that we won't buy anything, we usually succumb!). As we go from booth to booth, I often notice that the artists web sites are out of date, or don't work well on my phone.

Baldwin Web Works specializes in web sites that are look good and work well on mobile phones and are easy to update, even from your phone! Having a mobile friendly site is especially important now, because as of this year Google reduces the search rankings for sites that aren't mobile friendly. Your search rankings are also reduced if your site hasn't been updated in too long, or takes too long to load (especially on a phone).

We have set up a demo e-Commerce site that works well on a phone or tablet. Take a look, and see what's possible, even if you're on a budget. Check it out at You can log in with the username "guest" and the password "guest". This will let you add and delete products and events.