Bowen High School Reunion

This site for a high school class reunion was done in about 16 hours. The appearance of the site was based on a template rather than being made from scratch, and a number of features were created to make the site fit their needs. They're very happy with the result. Former students are uploading pictures and their life stories, there are maps to local hotels, etc. It's working well for them and was reasonable in cost. Because of Drupal's modular nature and flexibility, their needs were met without thousands of dollars worth of custom code being written.

Illinois Single Payer Coalition

When Illinois Single Payer Coalition approached Baldwin Web Works, they had an older Drupal site badly in need of an update, a professionally designed appearance for the new site, and a partial implementation of the new design. We worked closely with them to finish and test the new look. We also added e-commerce for receiving donations, linked to their PayPal account to collect money, and moved the site to a better web host.

Jamie Edwards, LCSW

Jamie Edwards is a social worker on a budget. We were able to put together a simple, cost-effective template based web site that's easy to keep up to date, even from her phone. The site is mobile friendly so it's easy to access when on the go. The underlying Drupal framework allows for easy expansion with additional features in the future.
Check out the site at www.jamieedwardslcsw.com.